October 2, 2008
Fourteen years ago, I promised Charlotte that I would build an "Inch-and-a-Half Scale" railroad - 1.5 inches to the foot (or 1:8) -
something large enough to ride on.  When I figured out that the larger track costs about the same as G track, Charlotte said "Let's get
started!"  We'll start with a 55-foot length of track in the back yard. Early this week the rail arrived and I got lumber for ties.  When I
mentioned this to a group of friends yesterday, Cliff said "I'll be glad to help.  When can I come over?"  I said "How about tomorrow!"  
And that's how it all started.
The rail was shipped in this sturdy white tube, 12 pieces of 8'10" rail shipped
via UPS.  At lunchtime I spray painted the rail with Rustoleum Satin Chestnut
Brown, a color I have used extensively in painting G scale rail.
Cliff is cutting 13.75-inch pieces of pressure treated 2x6 inch lumber, using
the miter saw he brought over today.
Then I rip-cut the 2x6's into two 2x3 pieces.
Within a few hours we had prepared nearly 150
The ties are mounted in the construction jig, spaced in 4-inch intervals.
Now the rails are mounted on the ties using hex-head screws.  Note the track
FINISHED - an 8'10" panel of track - ready to move into
Here's the construction template, which holds the ties straight and even.
Placing the ties into position.  Then the rail gets screwed onto the ties.
Screws are used instead of spikes because they will hold the rail in place