NOVEMBER 12, 2008
Sounds easy, right?  But I don't get home from work till 4:00 and it's pitch dark by 5:30, so that doesn't leave
much time for working outside.  Today I did my best to get the Galloping Goose out of the garage and onto
the tracks.
GETTING READY - I installed 2x4 rails on the trailer yesterday, and today I
adapted the rail ends so the steel ramp will fit, with pins to keep it from slipping
LOCKED AND LOADED - The Goose is now on the trailer, back wheels
chocked, ready to take a little trip to the Red Zone.
GOING THROUGH INSPECTION - On the way we paused so Tomecca
could check out Daddy's new toy.  Apparently it passed inspection!
FITTING THE RAMP - At the tracks I set up the ramp and the
ramp-to-track adapter, but it was getting dark and it will be raining tomorrow.  
So I gave up and decided to try again some other time.