FEBRUARY 23 & 24, 2008
FRAMING BEGINS - The 27-inch shelf has been widened to 45 inches.
LOOP FRAMING - The extension piece will eventually be hinged.
RADIUS TOOL - The loop track's centerline has a radius of 36 inches.
TRACK INSTALLED - First I built a base of half-inch luaun, recycled from
the old railroad, and installed track, mostly Llagas Creek flexible track.
BUDD CAR TAKES A SPIN - It's about as sharp a curve as it can handle.
COAL TRAIN IS NEXT - The RS-3 seemed to take the curve in stride.
TIGHT FIT - The Budd Car has a very wide overhang but it's able to squeak
TOP OF THE HILL - The car reaches the end of the line on brand-new