FEBRUARY 19, 2008
After 5 days of the flu, I finally got back to working on the railroad.  Here is another
section of curved track under construction, showing the tick marks at one-inch intervals to
align the ties.  The inside rail gets spiked down first, using the white template to help with
To make room for the Budd Car, the first order of business was to switch a
string of cars.  I guess this was the first "official" switching job on the new
The Budd Car is off in the distance, headlight shining, about to start its run.  
There's 46 feet of track completed so far on this particular route.
Here it's at the end of the line.  Spikes and track gauge were used just a few
minutes before - this is really "fresh" track!
Another view from the yard.  This may not seem like a lot of progress to you,
but remember, this is handlaid track.  Every tie has at least two spikes in it.