January 21-24, 2009
"There's never enough tracks to hold all my trains" is a common theme among model railroaders.  In my case, there was a
nice 5-track yard, although the outer two tracks were main lines, so the yard itself was only 3 tracks.  So I made a plan to
expand the yard.  2 more tracks would take up 10.5 inches, so the table depth became 37.5 instead of 27 inches.  The cost?
2 pieces of 1x8 pine and 7 2x4's.  I already had plywood and paint, and there was still some code 250 track left over from
the old railroad.  So here goes!
The freight cars have been moved, so this is a rare sight on this railroad - a
yard without cars!  The three center tracks can hold 48 40-foot cars or 60
32-foot cars.
Two more yard tracks means 80 car capacity instead of 48.  There's still some
more track work to be done, but the hard part is over.  The yard will be full
Here's the framing: a 2x2 against the old frame, a 2x4 along the front, and 2x4
spacers laid flat in between.
Luaun plywood covers the framing, 1x4 pine on top for the track.  Some old
turnouts were modified an installed, and the mainline track started.  In the far
back is an area that holds engines and cabooses, and that has to be worked on
5 PM Saturday and the main line is now finished.  The Budd Car was the first
train to traverse the new line.  Everything checked out OK!
A view of the throat of the yard.  In the future there will be a branch line
coming off the curve on the far right, headed toward that pink chair and
around the corner.  This has been a cold winter and I might as well get these
indoor projects done now.  As soon as the weather clears, I'll be working on
the outside railroads!
It didn't take long to fill up the yard tracks.  There's still more cars and
locomotives on shelves and in boxes.  Will we EVER have enough track?
After the yard was finished, I modified and installed turnouts and laid track for
a 5-track engine/caboose terminal.  No room for a turntable here!