JUNE 30, 2010
For many years I've belonged to an informal group of model railroaders who enjoy Operating Sessions on
Wednesday nights. We run trains, drink, snack, and have fun. We normally rotate between Dave, Carl, Joe, and
Dan, but this month there was a fifth Wednesday.  So I invited the guys to come out here and operate trains on
the Calvert Central.
BREAKING THE TRAINS - We had barely started when the first casualty
occured.  Bob is pointing to the broken footboard and Dick is making sure we
know who did it.
LOOK MOM, NO HANDS - Dave is showing off his train-running skills
while Carl and Dick ride along behind him.
FUN IN THE SUN - Joe, Lou, and Bob go for a spin.  The footboard has
been fixed.
ALL SMILES - Carl, Bob, and Dick glide along, soon to go into the shade.
WE NEED A CUPHOLDER - Dave has to hold his drink in one hand while
he drives with another.  We'll have to install a cupholder for safe driving.
MORE SMILES - Ken, Dick, and Cliff are headed downhill into the woods.  
We had occasional derailments tonight but the crews were able to rerail their
trains quickly.
HIGH SPEED TRAIN - Dave is a NASCAR fan, and he was running the
Camelback like he was on the racetrack.  Somehow he managed to stay on
the track.
COOLER CAR - When I showed the work car to Cliff, he noticed a cooler
would probably fit.  Yep, fits like a glove!  Then a train crew picked it up for a
couple spins around the railroad.