JULY 26, 2011
Presently there's no electricity at the railroad.  So to charge locomotives, I've been loading them onto a small
trailer (the "Goat Tote") and taking them up to the house.  The current loading ramp is in an inconvenient place
in the middle of the railroad and we have to cross tracks to use it.  So we'll build a new unloading ramp that's
much easier to get to.
CUSTOM TURNOUT - On the turnout-building template I've modified the tie
lo-cators (to the left of the ties) so that the ties and rails are curved to fit the site.
ON SITE - After two days of construction (with a lot of breaks because of
the heat and humidity), I took the new turnout to its place on the railroad.
CUTTING IN THE NEW SWITCH - First the old panel has to be unbolted,
then pulled, then the ballast shoveled out of the way.  I also dug out the high
IN PLACE - We'll have to cut the rail in several places, bolt them together,
and add a small section of rail.
BOLTED IN - Sounds easy, but each joint requires fitting a joint, drilling 4
holes, and securing 4 bolts while the sweat is pouring off your face and
saturating your shirt.
MAIN LINE RECONNECTED - In just under two hours, the new turnout is
ballasted and the main line is ready to handle trains.
LAODING RAMP COMPLETE - Using two 10-foot sections of track, and some
4x4's at the end, the ramp is ready for action.  The "Goat Tote" is ready to take an
engine off the railroad.