JUNE 10, 2010
Now that the main line has been expanded, it's a good time to take a photo tour of the railroad.  
The main line is 614 feet long if the train is routed as shown in this sequence.  A shorter route
(skipping the new track in the woods) is possible using the crossover at Sunnyside.  But let's take
the longer route today.
1. Let's start at the new crossing.
2. The track in the front leads into the train shed.
3. Now we're headed uphill on a sharp curve.
4. We pop out of the shade at Sunnyside.  This is the
location of the highest elevation on the railroad.
5. If we chose to follow Bella, we would be taking a
shorter route.  Today we'll turn left to take the long
6. We cruise downhill on a gentle
curve.  The crossing is just ahead of us.
7.  We head downhill on brand-new
trackage.  We'll be in the woods for the next
120 feet or so.
8.  The forest floor at this point had a couple low
spots that needed a good bit of grading to smooth
9. We're at the southernmost part of the railroad, and
will soon be at the lowest elevation as well.
10.  We're pulling uphill out of the woods.
11. Out of the woods and past the gravel pile.
12.  Past the ess curve, approaching Sunnyside.
13. Out in the sun again at Sunnyside.
14. The ground is a little soft in this area.
15. On the black bridge over White River.
16. We've been over the river, now it's through the
17. On the little bridge that replaced a culvert last
18. And now we're back at the crossing where we