August 28, 2011
Hurricane Irene was well covered in the news, so we had enough time to prepare.  This was a large
storm, technically a tropical storm by the time it arrived here, and we figured on a lot of heavy rain
and downed trees. There certainly was flooding at the Calvert Central, but there was no major tree
INSTALLING A NEW CULVERT - During previous storms, water was backed up behind the train shed, dammed by
the tracks.  So I figured this would be a good time to install a culvert to drain the rain water before it built up and ran
over the tracks.  It only took about 20 minutes to dig a spot for a 4-inch plastic pipe, fit ballast around it, and dig a
channel on each side.
AFTERMATH - Unfortunately the 4-inch culvert couldn't keep up with the floodwaters, and during the night the
flood poured over the tracks and left a lot of floating debris behind.  It even washed out the ballast around the new
ALMOST KEPT UP - A  lot of water flowed under the smaller bridge.  By
Sunday afternoon it was doing fine despite a lot of standing water around the
NEW PONDS - Bella looks out over the scene, where a lot of new ponds
had formed overnight.  A few hours later they had disappeared.
OVERWHELMED - The small bridge drained a lot of water but it's obvious
that it couldn't keep up with the sustained downpour.  Some of the floodwaters
flowed over the tracks nearby.
WASHOUT - At this location the rushing water pulled the ballast out from the
track.  It didn't wash out from under the track, so the track will be fine.