August 8, 2011
Ever since Charlotte saw me taking up the old track to make the longer main line (about 16 months ago),
she has been bugging me to replace it.  Well , now that the loading ramp has been moved, I can use the old
loading-ramp turnout as a start.  I'll have to build a new curved turnout and install some tight-radius track,
but if that's what she wants, that's what she'll get!  It didn't take long before we figured out a name for it, the
"Honey-do Loop."
FROG FOR CURVED TURNOUT - I wish I had taken pictures of the overall construction of the curved
turnout, but I didn't get the camera out until I was working on the frog.  The challenge has been to find a good
way to fill in the frog flangeway so the wheels don't drop.  Here is the finished frog, with the filler 1/8 inch
below the top of the rail.
THREE EASY PIECES - The bottom and top piece were made from 1/4 inch aluminum, but since they weren't quite
thick enough, I made a middle piece of 1/16 inch aluminum.  The three stacked pieces fit over the rail base and under
the head.
SWITCH INSTALLED - Because the main line side (on the right) was traced
off a pattern, it matched its new position well.  The curved side is a very tight
FITTING IN THE TRACK - This time I pre-bent the rails before installing.  
There were 2 spots where the rails were different sizes and I had to make
transition joints.
BALLAST SPREADER -Here's my homemade ballast car, which cost all of
20 dollars in materials, including wheels made of PVC plumbing parts.
FINISHED PRODUCT - The new track almost looks like it's always been
there...well, actually, it was except for the 16 months I procrastinated!
TRYING IT OUT - Charlotte rides a train on her brand new track, with that
grin of success - she finally got me to build it!  That's Paul and his dog Goose
by the shed.
ANOTHER VIEW - All ballasted and ready for action!