March 3-13, 2011
BATTERIES SECURED - pieces of 3/4 plywood did the trick.
SEAT BASE - built around the rear battery, it will hold up the original seat
HEADLIGHTS - They are made from  Malibu 12 volt outdoor lights from Home Depot, under 5 dollars apiece. I
trimmed the housings to get rid of the visor look and trimmed the bases to fit in holes in the Goose's frame. The lights
are connected with a piece of 3/4 by 3/4 pine. They will be wired to one tf the batteries using a toggle switch mounted
on the Goose's dashboard.
NEW PILOT CONSTRUCTION - 5/16 dowels inserted into holes drilled in
pine base and top. To drill smooth holes, I started with a 1/8" and then
successively larger bits.
OLD VERSUS NEW - The new pilot has a wider stance and hopefully looks
more like the real thing when it's finished, painted, and installed.
PILOT MOUNTING BRACKETS - I made a bracket for each corner and
used a bolt long enough to protrude about 3/4 inch above the nut.  I also made
a bracket for the bottom of the pilot (not pictured), again secured with a bolt
and nut.
REMOVABLE PILOT - The pilot can be installed by locating the upper beam
above the mounting brackets and pushing down.  It just slides down in front of
the bottom bracket, no clampong necessary.  The pilot is very easy to remove
for transport.
WINDSHIELD - I cut a windshield out of Plexiglas.  The uprights are not very
even, so the opening is wider across the top than the bottom.  But it gives it
character, and you might not have noticed if I didn't tell you about it!
Bella wouldn't let me take this picture without her in it.  For most of
the project she has been hanging out nearby.  But don't get fooled by
that innocent look.  She had just chewed my new fuseholder!
SEAT COMPLETE - The seat is now installed, but don't let that padded look fool you.  It's not that well padded and
you feel it after you've been riding for a while.  I have no idea what the "Stamina" is all about, except that I don't have all
that much of it!