April 8 to 17, 2010
BARNYARD COMPLETE - The fence and gates on the right side are now
installed, and there is a new ten-foot-wide aisle on the other side.
TOPPED OFF WITH 5000 VOLTS - The white ribbon is electrified and it
packs a mighty punch when you (or the horses) touch it!
MEASURING THE BACK STRETCH - The final 200 feet of new driveway
is staked out for the new positions of the posts, one every 10 feet.
POST BY POST - Charlotte is pulling out a post.  We will move the fence
and then I'll hammer the post to its new position and install a temporary clip..
FENCE IS MOVED - The posts and fence are in their new position.  This part
took about 3 hours of hard work.  Time for a break!
RIBBON INSTALLED - Charlotte installed the insulators and ribbon for the
electric fence topper.
FENCE STRETCHER - Paul and I made a rig consisting of two 2x4's bolted
snugly around the fence, and then a come-along winch secured to the tractor.
LAST CLIP - Paul installs the last clip for the newly positioned fence.  It's
chilly and windy so we'll call it a day.
PAUL'S LITTLE HELPER - While Paul fixes the golf cart, Bella comes
over and gives him a kiss.  He might as well enjoy it, because he can't get