JUNE 20, 2010
SIDE BY SIDE - The two trains are on adjacent tracks.  That's Rachel, my
son Nathan, my daughter Kate, and me, all having a great time!
MEET AT THE CROSSING - Nathan and Rachel have the right of way, and
Kate is waiting her turn.  Kate's hubby Imad is standing and smiling nearby.
ROMANTIC TRAIN RIDE - Nathan and Rachel are rolling along in the
KISSES - Imad and Kate are blowing kisses as their trains run side by side.
OUT OF THE WOODS - Nathan's train is climbing the hill by the rockpile.
ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL - Imad is relaxing aboard the camelback.
SIDE BY SIDE - The tracks converge into double track for 50 feet or so.
GOING THEIR SEPARATE WAYS - Imad and Nate go on separate routes.
STUBBORN MULE IN THE WAY - Kate had to stop because Piney had no
intention of moving out of the way when he had such nice grass to eat.
MOVE IT PINEY - Charlotte pushes Piney by the nose.  He's smart enough
not to disobey her.  Besides, she might have treats!