MARCH 9-14, 2010
HANDRAILS AND SMOKESTACK - I used 3/16 steel rod for the
handrails, 1 1/2 inch PVC for the stack, and aluminum flashing for the rain
shield.  The stack goes through to the floor to keep it straight.  Later I'll make a
potbelly stove.
THINNER STACK AND NEW COUPLER - I thought the original
smokestack was a little too thick so I made a new one out of 1 1/4 inch
PVC.  Today a pair of solid couplers arrived from Tom Bee, so I installed one
temporarily for the picture.
NEW HANDRAIL MATERIAL - I found 3 gauge copper wire at Home
Depot for 90 cents a foot, and it's much easier to bend than the 3/16 steel rod I
used last time.
JOURNAL BOXES - The pedestals were kind of plain, so I fashioned journal
boxes out of 3/8 plywood and attached them to each pedestal, centered on
the axle.