February 20-March 9, 2010
I had put the caboose project on hold for a couple months.  It was too cold for one thing,
then we got back-to-back blizzards.  Meanwhile I had assembled 20 panels of track,
having found a way to do much of the work inside.  So now it's time to get back to work
on the caboose!
PEDESTAL AND BEARING - I had to shave off some of the material to
make the pedestals fit the frame and wheelsets.  Bearing is 1 1/8 exterior, to fit
a 3/8 shaft.
PEDESTALS AND WHEELS MOUNTED - They are unsprung but I made
sure they were straight.  But I needed a system to keep them more stable
FRAME ASSEMBLY - I made stabilizer bars across the frame, then attached
3/4 aluminum angle material to the pedestals and stabilizer bars.
ROUGH CUT CUPOLA - I tried out this design to see if it would fit.  The
roofline curve is a 30 inch radius.  It looks good enough so we'll go with it.
CUPOLA FIT - The sides sit on the roof and the ends slide inside the body.
SHAPING UP - With windows cut out, the cupola really looks like it fits!
SIDE VIEW - Just to give you an idea of general dimensions.
PAINTED UNDERFRAME - if you look hard you can see the stabilizers.
STANDING PROUD - It looks like it's almost ready for
A RED CABOOSE - It rained for two days, so I took it into the basement
and painted it with a couple coats of latex paint.  It's now a very bright red
LADDER CONSTRUCTION - I used the table saw to prepare small pieces
of pine.  They were secured with Titebond glue and 1/2 inch wire nails.
CORNER STEPS AND LADDERS - I'd finished the steps on February 28
and the ladders on March 7.  The snow is still not completely melted!