DECEMBER 26, 2008
Finding time to work on the railroad has been quite a challenge.   So I took a day off from work the day after Christmas.  The
weather was mild, the ground was still frozen instead of wet and muddy.  I wanted to get 4 or 5 sections of track installed today.  
Here's how it went.
The shovel, axe, crowbar, hammer, and drills are on the golf cart, and the other
tools and supplies are here by the track.  Once the track has been adjusted to
its final alignment, I'll tighten the screws and then apply the ballast.
Today's emphasis is on fastening and aligning track sections, but I couldn't
resist getting out the shovel and working some ballast in between the ties.  It
will surely need more ballast and adjustment when the ground thaws out in the
By the time I got the sixth section installed, I considered calling it a day.  But
no, there's still daylight, so let's put in another section.
As the sun set, I managed to get that seventh section installed.  That bluish
gray blob is a pile of ballast.  It's getting dark, I'm exhausted, so let's call it a