November 18 - December 12, 2009
Since I had bought 4 wheelsets, and 2 were on the new tender, I got impatient to start
another project, a 4-wheeled "bobber" caboose.  I based the design on the Bachmann G
scale bobber.
SIDES AND BASE - It didn't take too long to get the first parts cut and
screwed to-gether. The measurements come out to 1:7.5 scale, so the caboose
is 16 inches wide.
ENDS - the ends were next.  Cutting the windows before installing is much
easier than afterward.  The curved roof is a 24 inch radius.
INTERIOR WALLS - These were needed as a base for the roof.  They were cut on a band
FIRST VERSION OF ROOF - I had some warped plywood and tried it on
the roof.  But these were just scrap pieces and weren't long or wide enough.
SECOND VERSION OF ROOF - after considering several ideas, and a
two-week hiatus, I finally settled on using slats.  I would like the roof solid
enough to sit on.
SLAT DESIGN - 1 inch pine (actual thickness 3/4 inch) was used for the
slats.  Not only do they have the grooves cut in, but one edge is beveled 5
degrees for better fit.
SLATS ATTACHED - the side closest to the camera is 1/2 inch plywood, the
is the thicker pine.  The pine roof will be the "rear" of the caboose where you
can sit.