NOVEMBER 15, 2009
CATCHING RAYS - The Goat basks in the warm sunshine on an unusually
nice day in the middle of November, showing off its newly painted front.
CROSSING THE STREAM - After 4 days of rain, the new bridge held up
just fine, no logjams, no washouts, just a nice bridge doing what it's designed
to do.
HAPPY ENGINEER - Paul was having a blast running the Goat, and I wasn't
sure if he'd ever get off.  This was the second engine he ever ran.
HAPPY FATHER - I got a brief opportunity to ride the new engine, although
a few minutes later I was driving the Critter and getting chased by the Goat.
BIG GUY, LITTLE ENGINE - I'm dwarfing the little camelback, but it's a
heavy engine and had a lot of pull.  The silver front looks great from a distance.
GOAT CHASES CRITTER - I got off the Critter to take photos and video,
and let it run by itself.  Paul had no trouble catching up to it.