BUILDING THE "GOAT" - continued
Oct. 9 - 18, 2009
ROOF PREPARATION - I added a shaped 2x4 brace across the center of
the cab and applied a piece of aluminum roof flashing, pre-bent because it was
in a roll.
NO MORE GREEN BOILER - I cut the windows for the front and back of
the cab and painted the boiler, cab interior and exterior and boiler.  We're
getting there!
FIREBOX FRAMING - After a lot of planning, drawing, cutting, and fitting,
this is what I came up with for holding the shape of a Wootten firebox for the
BACKHEAD BUILT - More drawing, fitting, and cutting, and now the
backhead is in place and the sheet metal cut.  Now we're ready to finish the
SECURING THE STACK - Paul and Lisa made a fantastic flared
smokestack.  I in-stalled it through a hole in the top of the boiler and this set of
cuts on the bottom.
FILLING THE FRONT - front of the boiler that is.  I used a piece of
Plexiglas and secured it in place with a 2x4 attached to the boiler shell.
STACK, FRONT, AND FIREBOX - Here's what it looks like as of October 17.
FIREMAN'S CAB - It's smaller and more open than the engineer's cab, but at least it gives him a little
shelter from the sun and rain.  Some camelbacks didn't even have this much, letting the poor fireman fend
for himself.
To build it I used 3/4 inch plywood for the sides and front and 1/8 inch aluminum for the roof.
WHAT A RAILROADER SEES - To a railroader, these are obviously the
start of a sand dome to sit on the top of a certain camelback's firebox!
WHAT A PLUMBER SEES - To a plumber, these parts are obviously PVC
caps, a 3 inch domed cap on the left, a 4 inch drain cap on the right.
AIR TANKS - 3 inch PVC pipe was too thick so I used 2.5 inch plastic
conduit and made end plugs out of plywood.  I couldn't find a good way to
mount them directly to the firebox, so I bolted them to the sand dome, which
will in turn be bolted to the top of the firebox.
A PROPER CAMELBACK - Every camelback locomotive I've ever seen
has air tanks mounted atop the firebox, so now the Goat has the geniune
camelback look.  There are still several details to add, but so far I'm very
happy with it.