AUGUST 1 TO 18, 2009
THE BASICS - Paul found this 3x8 foot piece of aluminum, 2.5 inches thick,
and asked me if I'd like to use it on the railroad.  I said "Sure, let's check it out."
THE BRACES - The piece is all aluminum and well braced on the underside.  
But what was it?  A door? A gate? A platform?  Who cares - now it's a
SIDES - I got a couple of 2x12's, cut the corners, and painted them, and Paul
helped me bolt them on.  He also brought a piece of plastic and covered it with
STRONG BRIDGE - The new side girders, along with the framing, make this
a very strong bridge, easily able to hold Paul, and hopefully a fully loaded train!
APPROACH FOUNDATION - A frame made of 2x4's was designed to help
make a smooth transition for the track as it approaches the bridge.
FOUNDATION INSTALLED - Set in place, the foundation is filled with soil
and gravel, tamped down well so it will provide solid support.
TRACK INSTALLED - a section of track has been attached to the existing
track and ballast shoveled in between and under the ties.  Soon a train will be
crossing the bridge!
TRACK ON BRIDGE - Wednesday was a hot and humid day, even at 5 PM,
but I managed to build the other bridge approach and install a section of track.
TRAIN ON BRIDGE - The Critter and its train pose on the bridge.  I didn't
want to ride it just yet because there are still some soft spots under the track.