AUGUST 2, 2009
READY TO GO - The day before we packed the Critter and its two matching
cars in the minivan.  The Critter was charged up and ready to go.
LEAVING THE STATION - Paul and Lisa are about to depart on their first
trip on the Delaware Creek RR.  Behind them is Logan, who is a great help
around here.
MEET - A few hundred feet past the station, our train passes Steven and his
train.  Noticed how much larger the Critter is than the black engine.
ACROSS THE FRONT YARD - Paul and Lisa wave as they swing into a
curve in the front of the property.  That's Salem Church Road in the
WHERE THE ACTION IS - Our train has just passed the crossing.  Logan is
man-ning the switch while Fred is pulling out, and Steven is waiting for
DEEP IN THE WOODS - Our train struggles up a hill in the woods at the
back of the railroad and will soon enter a cut and a short tunnel.
REMOTE CONTROL - Paul is lining up the switch to go on the outside loop.  
On this railroad the normal operation is to alternate outside and inside loops.
LONG STRAIGHTAWAY - Our train pulls uphill on a long straight section,
about 500 feet.  Then the train will cross the driveway.
ALL PASSENGERS GET OFF THE TRAIN - There is a very steep
downgrade just before the grade crossing, and the brakes weren't holding the
train back.well enough.
VIDEO SETUP - we secured Paul's videocamera with blue tape, and he made
a video of the complete loop.
WHICH WAY ARE THEY GOING? - The only giveaway is that Logan
doesn't have a controller in his hands.  Backward is a great way to ride!
FAREWELL - Jim had just arrived shortly before we had to leave and got his
train a-running.  He's riding on his new rider car.  The seats look very