JULY 6, 2014
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The next step is to build and install the fuel tank.  It starts with a rectangular box 24 x 9.5 inches, 6.5 inches
high.  To that we add notched pine pieces, a piece of PVC drain pipe, 3/4 inch filler panels, and 1/4 inch
end pieces. Then we jack up the locomotive and install the tank onto brackets attached to the hood sides.
Rectangular holes are cut on the inside of the deck.
Brackets are cut to match the holes, leaving 3 inches of wood to attach the
tank to.
Bracket positioned.  It will be screwed to the hood sides when it is in position.
Parts: quarter-round piece of 4 inch PVC pipe and two notched pine pieces.
PVC and pine pieces attached to basic tank using 3/4 inch spacers.
End view.  Pine will be shaped with a plane.
Tank is now shaped and painted.  It will also have a 3/4 spacer after installation.
Tank installed.  The locomotive had to be raised to fit the tank onto the
End view showing the shape of the tank.
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An air reservior was built from a 19 inch piece of 2-inch PVC pipe, which
has on outside diameter of 2 3/8 inches.  Later we will add pieces to the ends.