JULY 26, 2014
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One day we were at Tractor Supply and Charlotte says, "Hey Pete, this
is just what you need to pull the GP35 in and out of the garage!"  "Yes," I
said, "That would be nice, but it costs 119.99 plus tax!  So it got me
thinking: why not convert a hand truck to do the same thing?  So I bought
a trailer ball for 7.99 and cut up a few scraps of plywood to turn it into a
trailer dolly.
Bella is showing us the parts: two pieces of plywood, a trailer ball, 2 drywall screws, and a 1/4" bolt and nut.
View from the bottom, showing how the boards fit around the hand-truck base.  There's only one
bolt hold the contraption to the base, and two screws holding the plywood pieces together.  If you
want to have your hand truck back, it only takes 30 seconds to disassemble and 60 seconds to
Ready for action!