JULY 31, 2013
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LOOK AT THAT PRETTY FACE - Sophie is a 15-month-old yellow lab.  
Joe brought her to our get-together so she wouldn't be home all alone.
THIS DOG LOVES HOT DOGS - We started with hot dogs on the grill.  
Sophie was shy at first but got a lot friendlier once the hot dogs were served!
RIDING SOLO - Joe chose to ride without Sophie.  There's no way a restless
100 pound dog could sit still for a train ride!
SAFE DRIVING - Dick is taking a video with his I-pad while Roy does the
driving.  This is the safe way of doing it.
HE'S SMILING NOW - Joe has a big smile on his face while he takes a video.
UNSAFE DRIVING - For some strange reason the engine fell over all by
FOLLOWING TOO CLOSE - These guys couldn't resist tailgating.  At least they weren't talking on their
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