May 14-30, 2009
SHED DOORS DONE - The left door was modified to allow it to shut
with the new ramp in place.  The ramp pieces have been painted to match
the shed.
CLOSEUP - You can see the door modifications a bit clearer. The gauge on
this tight curve had to be widened to 7 3/4 inches to avoid derailments.
ALONG FOR THE RIDE - Gennie hops on for a ride on the Goose
with Uncle Pete.  There's not much room for two, but we managed
just fine.
OOPS - The next day I went to take it for another run, but it hit a rock on the
track and derailed.  It looks a lot worse than it was. There was no permanent
WOBBLY TRACK - The inner rail dips at this spot, making the ride
THIS IS FUN - and it helps that it's on a stretch of good, stable track.
CHARLOTTE GIVES IT A WHIRL - After she tried to talk
her brother into riding the Goose, he talked HER into trying it
OFF SHE GOES - She found out it's not too hard to ride after all.  The
chal-lenge is to keep your balance when the Goose hits a wobbly section
of track.
MARK'S TURN - Next it was time for Mark to "take the
SMOOTH GOING - It's a unique vehicle to ride, but Mark picked it up
Skipping to May 30...Here's Mike, Brianne's
...and here's Margie, Charlotte's sister.
Mike's dad Fred.
Mike's mom Suzanne.