This year the P&C's Budd Car went all the way to Colorado, but it went a lot of places on the East Coast
as well. Although it's very easy to transport, it is not always easy to get the opportunity to run it on other
railroads - other trains, busy hosts, large crowds, track obstructions, etc.  But I did my best to get this car
out on the road!
In early April, the RDC visited the East Coast Large Scale Train Show.  Here it stops at
Mike Moran's Beacon Hill Station, while Tom Weaver and Larry Cooper wave hello in the
We had a springtime run day at Bob Fletcher's Raspberry and Thyme Railroad in Nazareth, PA on
April 10.  The Thyme had not yet awakened from its winter slumber.  With heavy traffic on the main
lines, mainly SD45s and Dash 9's pulling long freights,  the Budd Car was much easier to run on one of
the separate loops.
A group of hobos waves to the RDC's passengers on Kevin Yutz's railroad in Breinigsville PA on June
27.  After a good number of laps being chased by the Dash 9's, the car drove back into the safety of its
Budd Tote.  As the conversations went, one thing led to another, and the RDC was invited to run at Bob
Metz's railroad.
Budd in the Trees - On June 27 we visited Dave Yori's railroad in West Chester.  Here the
RDC is gliding through the trees past an old farm house in a view that looks just like a Reading
branch line.
Budd on a Bridge - here the RDC is crossing a new trestle on Bob Metz's railroad in
Allentown. Bob admitted that he used the Budd Tote idea for a steam-engine tote.