After a big snowstorm on February 12, the Budd Car is ready to leave
Honeytown Depot with the morning commuter train.
Seven months later, on September 27, it cruises by the boathouse at the pond,
where a canoe and rowboat float in the pond.
The Budd Car takes a spill rounding a curve!  This was at the Mason Dixon
Club floor layout at the Great Scale Train Show in Timonium Maryland, on
February 4.
Back in the cage!  At a later show, on June 24, the Budd Car has finished its
run and scoots back into its "Budd Tote" under its own power.
On June 3, on the other side of town, the Budd Car rounds a curve on the
moss-covered layout of Tom Parkins.  In a few minutes it will stop at
Lumbrook Station.
It was raining when we visited Karl Reichenbach's place on June 25, but the
trains were running just fine.  Here the Budd passes a hard-working Heisler.
Mallet 1, Budd 0 - a B&O 2-8-8-2 Mallet passes the spot where the Budd
Car de-railed and fell on its side.  This car is VERY sensitive to track
imperfections.  This was in Bel Air, Maryland, on September 17.
WILD RIDE AHEAD - Here at Tom Weaver's place in Doylestown, PA, the
track was damaged a few weeks before by a deer running into the elevated
structure.  We were in the process of dismantling the layout anyway.  The
date was October 9, 2006.
BUDD TIGHT - Clearance that is, as the car checks tunnel clearance at the
Mason Dixon Club's modular layout at the B&O Museum.  This was during
setup, 11/15/06.
BUDD LIT - The side of the car reflects the bright lights of the carnival, during
a quiet time at the B&O Museum on November 25.