"Here, Pete, you can have your caboose back!"  
says Jay Narvell. (Jay was NOT the culprit)
Reading Alcos battle the snow in January 2002.  
These engines carry a heavy set of batteries, and
they can really pull.
Gregg, Bill, Doug, and Cliff take a break
during an operating session.
RDC cruises on main line while RS3 pulls a
passenger train up the grade on the branch.  The
bridge has taken a beating this winter!  4/8/03
U25 pokes its nose out of the basement.
The cats like this door too!
Inattentive (or incapacitated) RS3 crew crashes
into a coal train. These trains are really sturdy!
The P&C's RDC makes a guest appearance on Dick
Weatherby's railroad in Fallston, MD on 4/13/03.
The P&C's Eggliner snowplow clears the
remain-ing snowat Ken Donahoe's railroad on