Chesapeake & Allegheny Live Steamers
   1/8 scale railroad in Baltimore Maryland where
    and diesel trains take passengers on a nice ride
    through Leakin Park.  Videos of two modern
    and a spunky little steam engine.
West Berlin (NJ) Garden Railroad
  Lots of railroad action on this well detailed garden
   railroad, including a run of the P&C's Budd Car.
Up the Hill from Altoona to Gallitzin
    Norfolk Southern westbound train no.l1A stops at
    Altoona, picks up a helper, and we film it again at
    Brickyard, Horseshoe Curve, and Gallitzin Tunnel.
Western Maryland Downhill Run
  Steam Engine #734 pulls out from Frostburg with
    the downhill train, and later we see it rounding
    Helmstetter's curve with a lot of whistling.
Two Trains One Tunnel
   A few miles west of Horseshoe Curve, a multilevel
    train pops out of the Gallitzin Tunnel, and a few
    seconds later, another train appears next to it!
Stack Train  in Kingman Canyon
    A BNSF stack train winds downhill around the
    curves near Kingman Arizona
Night Train in Kingman Canyon
     It's late evening as we watch a stack train
     descend the grade, including an engine in back.
Nevada Northern Steam Train
     Ten Wheeler No.40 pulls our train through two
      tunnels into the mining region and turns on a wye.
Nevada Northern Diesel Train
     Alco RS-2 No.105 takes our train into the high
     desert, and the crew switches the engine to the
     end of the train.
1.5 Inch Scale Railroad in Nevada
    We ride this unique 7.5 inch gauge railroad while
     family dog chases the train
Seven Trains and a Dog
  Seven trains running at the same time, and one of
  them gets a little too close to Honey the dog.
Easter Egg Train
   Fun video to the tune of "Low Rider"
Tripleheaded Eggliner Snowplow
   It takes 3 eggliners to push the heavy snow, to the
   tune of "Colonel Bogey March"
Eggliner Snowplow With Music
   Plowing snow to the piano tune "Light and Blue"
Eggliner Snowplow Goes to Work
  The original P&C video
P & C Railroad Videos
Other Railroads Including the Real Thing