Everyone who has visited the P&C Railroad has met Honey, the official railroad hostess
and watchdog.  She may bark a little when visitors first arrive, but as soon as she sniffs you
and sees you like trains, she makes you feel welcome.  In fact, every time there are people in
the back yard enjoying trains, she thinks it's really a birthday party for Honey.

     Honey is a Lab/Viszla mix.  Viszla is a breed of sporting dogs that originally came from
Hungary.  The breed is characterized by a rust-brown color, white patches on the chest and
paws, and brown nose, and a lean, muscular look.  Well, Honey is not so lean any more, but
she was at one time.

    Honey is very good with the trains.  If she is about to cross the tracks, she will look for
trains and if one is coming, she will not cross until after the caboose clears.  As a puppy, she
used to chase trains and bark at them, especially steam engines with sound, and if they went
into a tunnel she would go to the other side waiting for it to come out.  Now she's a lot more
relaxed about it, and more often than not you will find her laying down in a comfortable spot
once she knows there are no new visitors to greet.

   The only time she causes a problem with trains is when she sees a squirrel.  She will
chase it at full speed, whether there are trains in the way or not.  She chases cats too, but
not with the same enthusiasm.

   She loves visitors.  And if she thinks you might have a snack, she will gladly sit for you
and give you a paw.

    So next time you visit, say hello to Honey!