This Eggliner has become a real workhorse on the P&C.  It serves as a snowplow in the winter,
and clears the tracks of sticks, leaves, and debris throughout the year.  If it runs into something
and derails, no problem, just pick it up and put it back on the track.  It can pull a small train
effortlessly.  And during Open Houses it's a real attention-getter.
Here's a view of the underside.  At the upper part of the photo is the charging
jack, and below it is the on/off switch.  The four black screws secure the body
to the frame.
1.  Remove the four screws holding the body to the frame.
2.  Drill a hole for the switch and install it.
3.  Drill a hole for the charging jack, open it further with a knife (because it's an odd
shape), drill      2 small holes for the mounting screws, and mount it.
4.  Route the wires so they can be be attached to the switch.  The blue and green wires
are              power to the motor.  The black and red wires are from the track power
5.  Fit the batteries onto the frame and secure with duct tape.
6.  Cut, strip, and solder wires as shown (you can probably do it neater than I did). Motor
wires (green and blue) go to posts on center of switch.  Track pickup wires (red and black)
go to right side of switch.  Do battery wires last.  Left side of switch to negative of rear
battery (mine is a black wire).  Positive of rear battery to negative of front battery.  And last,
positive of front battery to left side of switch.
7.  Check it out by flicking the switch.  Center = off, one side = battery running forward
only, other side = running on track power.
8.  Now wire the charging jack.  Center post = positive, outside = negative.
10.  If you want to make a plow, fabricate it out of .040" or thicker styrene.  Mine has side
pieces of 1 1/16 x 2 3/4 inch and a matching piece across the top. It will be about 1/8" from
the railtop.
11.  Reattach the body to the frame.
12.  If you haven't built a charger yet, follow the guidelines at this link:
9.  Make cutouts in the body for the switch and charging jack.
battery charger
Parts list:

DPDT mini toggle switch ..................$ 1.50
Charging jack ....................................   .50
Two 6-volt, 1.2 amp-hour batteries....  11.00
Wire, solder, duct tape, styrene ............1.00
Total cost ........................................14.00
If you want to install a nice bright headlight, here's the
Bright headlights
Converting this Eggliner to battery power costs only 14 dollars or so.  Its control is simply on and
off, and the switch is located on the unit's underside.  Once it's running along the track, you have
to catch it to turn it off.  It will run for about a half hour or longer before it needs another charge.  
The power switch is wired so that it can also run on track power.