The Show Special at the 2005 East Coast Large Scale Train Show was a Western
Maryland RS-3 in the "Fireball" paint scheme.  I picked one up on Sunday but didn't
get a chance to run it until Wednesday.  Here are some photos of its first run.    4/6/05
The 195 leans into the curve at Hosta Junction.  You can see how clear the lettering is,
down to the "Fast Freight Line" and the "Safety First" signs.
Low angle shot just east of Honey Haven.  The early spring vegetation consists of wild
garlic, moss, and a few hardy blades of grass.
Rear 3/4 view of the engine.  The battery car behind it is a Western Maryland car that
I picked up at last year's East Coast Show.  All it needed was a new connector.
The train winds around the P&C's horseshoe curve.  This view reminds me of
Helm-stetter's Curve on the Western Maryland between Cumberland and Frostburg.  
The caboose in the foreground came from the show as well.  The Reading and
Western Maryland railroads had similar "Speed Lettering" paint schemes.
THE ENGINE'S FIRST CRASH - A few days later, on April 11, the new locomotive
was running on Dick's railroad in Chadds Ford when calamity struck.  It derailed on a
switch, kept running a few yards, and then crashed on the embankment.  It was still
Nestled in its new carrying tote, dubbed the "Fire Box," the new engine and its battery
car rest in the afternoon sun on April 18, ready to travel anywhere.  This is our fifth
tote.  Click
HERE for construction details.