ORANGE OVER ORANGE - The orange BNSF diesels are about to cross over the
orange containers in this uphill train.  The engines are 77 feet higher than the cars
beneath them, and a train can cross over itself if it is 4000 feet long.
SAME TRAIN, THREE LEVELS - In this overall view of the loop, the closest portion of
the train is moving to the right, the trailers in the left background are moving to the left,
and the trailers at the base of the hill are moving to the right.
EIGHT ENGINES EASING DOWN THE HILL - There are eight big GE diesels at the
front of this long train, carefully easing it down the hill between the loop and Keene.
HEADED FOR CALIENTE - a half hour before we saw this train leaving Bakersfield,
and now it negotiates an S curve just before the 2.2 percent grade starts at the
horse-shoe curve at Caliente.  The hills are brown throughout the summer.
FOUR INTO ONE - The four engines dive into Tunnel One, a mile up the hill from
Caliente.  The little black dot at the top of the hill is Charlotte, armed with a camera.
FOUR OUT OF ONE - The four engines pull out of Tunnel One, a few seconds after
the previous photo was taken.  Notice how clean the engines are.
WRAPPED AROUND THE HILLS - An uphill trailer train is stretched around the
curves in the hills above Caliente.  Soon it will be headed for the Loop.