When I went outside at 6 AM, it was still dark, and already over 2 inches of snow had fallen.  I got this
shot of the Boomerang Station before any of the tracks got plowed.
Here is the snowplow in action.  The snow is cascading down in a clump today because the snow is
relatively wet.  During a dry snow the cascade looks even better.  Yes, that's an Eggliner with a plow.  
It has a 12-volt battery and a simple 2-speed control: on or off!!  ...and it makes a nice little snowplow.
Budd's First Snow - the Budd car plows into a snowdrift, its headlight shining bright.  This is at the
same location where the 44 tonner was pictured plowing into a pile of leaves just two weeks ago.
BUDD LIGHT - the Budd Car's bright headlight lights up the drifts left
by the Eggliner plow a few minutes before.
Morning's first light - by the time I left for work around 7:00, the sky was bright
enough to light up the snow piled on the Aristo Truss Bridge.
Thawing out - the storm lasted most of Friday, then another storm hit Saturday, dumping a total of 8
inches.  By Tuesday afternoon, the snow had melted enough to run limited freight service.  RS-3 no.
449 delivers a load of anthracite coal to keep those potbelly stoves warm.