Deep in the woods, the train stopped at a switchback, where it will go in reverse uphill
to the left, then stop at another switchback and proceed forward.
At the top of the mountain, the train stopped at a grove of redwoods.  The giant tree
trunks dwarf Charlotte as she poses for a picture.
The Conductor then gathered a group of passengers and recited a long poem about a
famous railroader - the Legend of Kate Shelley.
As we descended the hill, the tracks negotiated a horseshoe curve on a wood trestle
between the big trees, looking much like a scale model of a real trestle.
Before we left the railroad, I snooped around a bit and in the midst of a collection of
wheels and parts I found this old hulk, an old Climax locomotive minus its boiler.  The
railroad ran two Shays today, and a diesel pulls a standard-gauge train in the other
direction to the Pacific Coast twon of Santa Cruz.  We had a great time and highly
recommend a visit to the Roaring Camp and Big Trees Railroad in Felton California.
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