Left: vestibule of
RDC-1.  Notice the
Budd sign.

Below: RDC-3.  The
original Reading
Company lettering and
underbody was black,
not blue.
HOUSE    SEPT. 14, 2003
On September 13 and 14, 2003, the Reading and Northern Railroad celebrated its twentieth
anniversary with an Open House, featuring train rides, displays, tours, HO layout, and lots of
hospitality.  Three steam locomotives were there - the Reading 2102, the C&O 614, and the Reading
and Northern 425 Pacific (unfortunately none were in operating condition).  There were several
locomotives and cars on display, including the R&N's switchers, Geeps, and SD's, and the Reading
Co. Tech. & Historical Society's Alco C630 and cabooses.
Fresh from the Paint Shop, R&N no. 2003 displays the unique 20th Anniversary paint
View from the cab of an SD40-2 in the
Reading Caboose No. 92832 is owned by the Reading Company Technical
and Historical Society.  Its interior is spotless.  Notice the unique Duryea