FEBRUARY 19, 2005
Any way you look at it, the Big Boy is impressive, even when it's sitting still.
Reading T-1 No. 2124, one of my personal favorites.  The paint was streaking but she still looks
The underside of the bridge just north of the station, apparently built for six tracks.
Not only did we see an RS3, but it was running!  Delaware-Lackawanna No.
Another rare sight was this Alligator, also idling away.  A few minutes later, we
saw a NS coal train headed eastbound on the main line in the distance.
We chased the NS coal train across town, and caught it here from the US 11
The Lackawanna RR was justifiably proud of this structure, the 10-arch
Tunkhannok Viaduct at Nicholson, PA, built 90 years ago and still impressive..
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