Train in the Rain - a rainy day won't stop the trains from
running. We had a lot of rainy days this spring!
The same train picks its way through the weeds on
a drier part of the branch line.  The weedwacker
gets lots of use around here.
Bee Line SD45 pulls a coal train on the westbound main under the pine trees. It is
negotiating a gentle curve of 20 foot radius. The main line can handle 50-car trains
but 25-car trains are just as nice and they are easier on the locomotives and batteries.
The P&C's Train Shed is 6 x 16 feet and has 5 access
doors for trains (and cats).  Tracks are on three levels
yet there never seems to be enough room for trains.
Dalmatian Derailment - Reggie couldn't get out of the
way of the P&C's speeding Budd car on a recent visit
to Tom Weaver's Dal Valley Railroad.  No animals or
trains were hurt in the making of this photograph..
The P&C's Budd car visits the West Berlin Garden Railroad in Berlin, New Jersey during Open House on June
8. This car has travelled to many other garden railroads.  For photos of its travels, click the following link:
Budd on the Road