NOVEMBER 14, 2004
ALL SMILES - Charlotte (in red coat) and Honey are laughing with Tara, Kevin,
and Debbie.  Pete and Chris are behind the camera running trains and taking
pictures.  That's a Ladybug Eggliner in Charlotte's hands.  I wonder if Santa Claus
is watching.
TAKE A RIDE ON THE READING - Chris' Reading SD45 meets Pete's Reading
LAST TRAIN TO CLARKSVILLE - The P&C's Budd car stops at Clarksville
LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL - The Budd Car's headlights shine
brightly on the rails as it exits the tunnel.  There's a stream above that empties into
the pond.
HONEY TAKES A DRINK - after an eternity of waiting for heavy train traffic,
Honey finally gets a drink of water from the pond.  Soon afterward, the trains were
rolling again.
came along with Pete and Charlotte
to Dover to visit Chris Petka and
his family and their backyard
railroad.  As we arrive, Chris'
daughter Tara pets her friend
Honey five long months after their
last get-together.  Honey is wearing
her coat, a modified horse blanket,
but she didn't need it for long with
all the excitement.  The ID&OM
stands for the Ironton, Delaware,
and Old Middletown Railroad.  It's
more commonly known as the "In
Debt and Outta Money."

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