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GUEST LOCOMOTIVE - Chris Petka brought his Santa Fe SD-45,
along with a brand-new battery car and a short coal train.  It ran very well
on the P&C.
PETS GREETING GUESTS - Sunshine and Honey greet our guests on Sunday
morning. It was an unusually warm day, and we had guests the entire day from 10 to
CHESSIE AND THE CAT - Sunshine the cat looks up at the Chessie
caboose.  She was hanging around the railroad all morning but disappeared
at naptime.
CAUGHT BETWEEN TWO TRAINS - Little Harry has positioned
himself at a busy junction between two trains.  He was here on Saturday,
and visited for well over an hour on Sunday.  I'm sure he'd return on
Monday if he could.
CLEARING THE WRECK - The kids look on as the grownups clear a
wreck.  There were several instances of newly fallen leaves causing
WOW MOM, LOOK AT THIS! - Little Dylan points out the train to his
WOW PETE, LOOK AT THIS! - The train wrecked in two places this
time, and the wreck sites were a good 30 feet apart before the crew
could get the train stopped.  Despite what looks like a tough day for
derailments, we actually had a great day of train running on Sunday, and
made a lot of people happy.
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