October 30 and 31, 2004
UH-OH!  -   Thomas went boom-boom!
EARLY CROWD - Saturday started with a thunderstorm, so we wondered if anyone would
show up at all.  I called my helpers to say don't bother.  Carl decided to stop by anyway,
and it's a good thing he did.  Above are a few families that showed up around noon, braving
the iffy weather.
Little Mary was frightened of Honey at first, but before long they became friends.  Sunshine, the cat in
Charlotte's arms, hung around all day but ran away every time she saw me with the camera.
FASCINATED - Jack was fascinated by the Eggliner and chased it all over the
HUMAN BRIDGES - Harry and Jack formed bridges for the trains to go
SPLASHING IN THE MUD - this little boy found the muddiest spot in the yard to
chase trains.  His family found out about the Open House at McDonald's of all places.  
They met Harry's family and asked how HE got all muddy today, and then came out
here for a visit.
RAILFANS - Dan's taking a picture of the Doodlebug on the
horseshoe curve while his son Mike looks on.
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