OCTOBER 18, 2008
Three local garden railroads were open today as a benefit for the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life, including Don and Martha
Lebo's D&M Railroad, Karl and Linda Reichenbach's Karlin Railroad, and the P&C.  All in all we collected $517 in donations for this very
worthy cause.
Mark and his one-year-old son Luke greet Honey as they arrive.  Mark
wanted to return the Budd Car which was on standby duty at his Open House
last Sunday.
Luke is fascinated with the Eggliners.  He's wearing his Steelers jacket because
his Mommy is a diehard Steelers fan.  Mark and Luke helped set up the
railroad today.
LONG TIME NO SEE - Dick and I pose with Bill, a friend we hadn't seen for
years. Dick was one of my helpers today.  Cliff was too, but he escaped the
HOME ALONE - Smokey misses his horse friend Tomecca, who is at work
today as a Mounted Patrol Horse.  This family will be checking out the back
PARTY GIRL - Honey poses in her Halloween party hat, one of several gifts
that Doug and Jeanne brought with them today.  She got lots of treats and
ANOTHER PARTY GIRL - Sunshine enjoys a good time with Doug, who
also brought treats for Honey, carrots for Smokey, and gifts for the human
This little boy was fascinated with the scenery on the Eggliner layout...see
I'm not sure but I think Mark took this picture of the Mikado rounding a curve.
The late afternoon sun accents the motorcycles, the break dancer, and the
Paul Bottino took this nice low-angle picture of the Western Maryland GP-40.
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