JULY 13, 2013
It was a Saturday morning when I got a call from Carl - Hey Pete, the OCS is in Newark!  Come on over, we'll take some pictures!  
By the time I got there, Carl, David, and Bob were already there. "We couldn't get many good shots from behind the fence!"  So I said,
"Hop in, let's get a little closer!"  So I drove up to the No Trespassing sign, we got some pictures, and then we ventured a little further,
staying in the car with the motor running so as not to get in trouble.  Later Cliff drove up in his pickup, got out, took some pictures, and
even talked to the cleaning crew!
Monday afternoon the train was parked in the opposite direction.  I was
turned away by security before I could get any photos.  So I went around to
the other side of the main line, found a hole in the fence, and took the pictures
The wash crew is shining up the full dome (I believe it is the Delaware).