September 15, 2007
Then the little train scoots across the top of a cliff...
Mike has lots of locomotives but he just loves Shays, so let's start with a
picture of heavily-weathered Shay No. 5, complete with Phoenix sound system.
Cliff, Kay, and I were the first to arrive.  That's Cliff on the left and our host
Mike on the right, behind a double-track covered bridge that detaches for
module duty.
The Pennsy Mogul lost its train inside the bridge due to mismatched couplers.
Now back on its way, the train passes the watchman's shanty and heads uphill.
This is the steepest climb on the railroad.  Looks like she's going to make it.
At the top of the hill, the train crosses a pair of wooden truss bridges.
...and then cruises downhill into the sun.  It was a cool, windy day.
A unique water tower on the lower part of the main line.
So we'll end this picture spread with the Shay pulling a log train with genuine