NOVEMBER 20, 2008
Now that the Goose is running, it's time to finish a loop of track.  We have enough rail, joint bars, and track screws available,
and tie material is just a few minutes away at Home Depot.  But we need ballast!  Karl was kind enough to make
arrangements to get it delivered at a very good price.  We ordered 5 tons of half-inch crushed stone.
BIG LOAD - I was surprised at how big the truck was. It could probably hold
15 tons!  But Robert was a skilled driver and backed it up without ever
touching grass.
The bed of the truck reached for the sky, and in seconds the stone was on the
ground.  Robert asked if he could see the railroad, but all I could show him was
the Goose.
LITTLE LOAD - I shoveled a load onto the dump cart and this is about all it
could handle without flattening the tires.  Looks like about 40 or 50 loads to
ENOUGH? - The trailer dumps it load onto a panel of track.  Will this be
CLOSE - Looks like one load does one track panel if it stays close to the