PAGE TWO - OCTOBER 6-9, 2008
We placed the completed panels next to the G scale railroad just to see what it
would look like.  But this will not be the site of the new railroad.
The panels are now loaded on the trailer for the trip to the "Red Zone," the
shaded area behind the horse pastures.
The track panels have been placed around a grove of trees.
On Wednesday I picked up a yard of half-inch crushed stone in the horse
The rail ends have been cut and holes drilled for the joint bars.
The joint bars are bolted on and a tie placed underneath the joint area.
The completed section of track.  4 of the 6 track panels are now installed.
The horses graze near the new track.  They know this area is off limits when
there are no people around.  In a few minutes they will run off at a full gallop!
Now that the track panels are built, it's time to lay track for the new
The next day, Tomecca was much bolder about checking out the new railroad.
Just as I was finishing up, Karl stopped by to see the railroad...and Honey.