MEET AT THE JUNCTION - In front of the passenger platform, the Alco eases to a
stop to let the SD-45 pull out with its train.
DIESEL MEETS STEAM - Back on the main line, the Alco diesel is pacing a Pennsy
Mikado.  The way the railroad is routed at this point, the diesel is a few trainlengths
ahead of the steamer and will soon head out across a truss bridge over the following
train.  The forest behind the diesel is a stand of Blue Rug Juniper.
HEAVY TRAFFIC - The SD-45's train pulls out, following another freight, and then the
Alco will follow the other two.  There is also a passenger train out on the main, making
for a total of four trains on a single track line, a first for this railroad.
TRAIN WRECK - I passed the remote to Dick so I could take some pictures, but it was
already too late.  The Alco rear-ended another train, spilling cars all over the railroad.
TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT - As the engine eases up closer to the caboose, its
headlight shines brightly on the caboose, causing its occupants to get very uneasy.
We had a great time, no trains were badly damaged, and everybody left in time to get
home in time to rest up for another day of work tomorrow.
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