Sept. 25, 2006
UNLOADING - My RS-3 backs out of its carrying tote to begin a night's duty on
Ken's garden railroad.  In a previous webpage we showed an operating session a few
weeks earlier on his indoor O scale layout.
ACROSS THE LAWN - The train glides downhill across the back side of the railroad.  
It's headed for Tyler Junction, where it will diverge from the main to visit the newer
part of the railroad in Larry's adjoining back yard.
LATE AFTERNOON SUN - This side of the engine and battery are in shadow, but the
sun is shining very brightly on the grass behind them.
LAKESIDE VIEW - The train crosses a girder bridge beside a large garden pond.
END OF THE LINE - The train eases to a stop at the end of a new section of track laid
in a cut only a few hours old.  About 100 feet in the distance is the Pennsylvania State
Line, which the railroad will reach next year.