The Budd Rail Diesel Car
RDC Modifications (Battery and underframe)
Prototype RDC at Strasburg RR
Building a Budd Tote to carry it around
Battery Power
The Basics of Battery Power
Batteries and where to Find Them
Step-by-step construction
Building a Battery Charger
Battery setups on the P&C
Convert a Doodlebug to Battery Power
Battery Powered Eggliner - Cheap!
Bright Headlights using LED's
Track Construction
Track Construction on the P&C
Building Turnouts by Hand
Squirrel Proof Ground Throws
Grades on a Garden Railroad
Building a Horseshoe Curve
Building a Horseshoe Curve p.2
Other Projects
Build a Locomotive Maintenance Cradle
Measurements - weights, gauges, conversions
Templates - scale rulers and track gauges
Kitbash an Aristo caboose into a center-cupola caboose
Tonner Tote - construction of a locomotive carrier
Mileposts - a detail that measures distances and speed
Running Realistic Operating Sessions
Preparing for an Open House
Article: Introduction to Articulated Locomotives
How to pull motors from an SD45
How to make and edit videos