JULY 19 & 20, 2007
At the Altoona station, a walkway crosses over the tracks and offers this view
of the outside collection of the Pennsylvania Railroaders Museum.
Here's the view looking west. Slope Tower is beyond the bridge on the right,
and that's where the uphill run begins.  Trackwork continued between trains.
The trackworkers got out of the way briefly while this eastbound trailer train
passed by.  A few minutes before it was at Horseshoe Curve.
At the Curve, we are riding the Funicular up to the viewing area
while the other car heads downhill.  Here's where they pass each
GP-9 number 7048 stands watch at the Curve, at the spot
where a mighty Pennsylvania K4 steam engine stood many
years ago.
This downhilll train had six engines in front. It was hard to predict how many
engines would appear in the front or back of each train.
This colorful stack train slowly screeched uphill around the curve.
Shortly after this train passed the museum building, we followed it uphill.
As we watched trains from the bridge at the top of the hill in Gallitzin, we
suddenly met up with Mike and Dan, who we'd just seen a few weeks ago in
They were staying at the Tunnel Inn, where they can view trains from this
porch.  This year there are lights mounted on the posts in the foreground for
night viewing.
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